Reintroducing, Chec.

Rebuilt from the ground up.

Sell anything, anywhere.

We'll handle everything from payments to delivery.

Sell Anything

From t-shirts to tickets & software, Chec makes selling physical products,
digital goods, and services easy and intuitive.


From your latest crowdfunded creation to your bands latest vinyl.


From ebooks to software. We'll handle everything all the way to download.


Donations, event tickets, invoices, even piano lessons - we mean anything!

Sell anywhere

Link, embed, or integrate.


Link buyers directly to your products checkout with its unique url.

Embed New Embed Options

Embed our checkout onto your site, with a single line of code.

Integrate New

Integrate Chec into your site using our commerce.js sdk.

Accept Payments

Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and more..

Built in payments Updated for 2.0

5% per transaction & 2 day rolling payouts*. Available in 20 countries.*Country specific, can be up to 7 days.

Third Party Gateways New

Link your Stripe, PayPal or Paymill. More gateways being added.


Accept bitcoin payments seamlessly with Chec (Limited Beta)

Developers & Designers New

We're building a set of unified APIs that enables developers & designers to seamlessly create beautiful ecommerce experiences on the web.
Starting with our Checkout API.

Full Stack Ecommerce

Inventory, checkout, fullfillment & more through a simple API.

Integrate anywhere

Turn any site into a store. Any site, any design, anywhere.

Commerce.js Beta

Our powerful javascript SDK handles everything down to validation.