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Digital Delivery


Share buttons on XYZ's checkout


Generate license key for XYZ


Send order to fulfillment center


Collect billing address


Collect customer's fullname


Downloads expire after 24 hours


Webhook Delivery


Enable social discounts for XYZ


Build your own eCommerce solution

Join over 6,241 merchants, and use a platform that's tailored to you.

Sell Anything

From t-shirts to tickets & software, Chec makes selling physical products,
digital goods, and services easy and intuitive.


From your latest crowdfunded creation to your bands latest vinyl.

Digital Updated for 2.0

From ebooks to software. We'll handle everything all the way to download.


Donations, event tickets, invoices, even piano lessons - we mean anything!

Multiple fulfillment types

With support for multiple fulfillment types that can be paired together, we've created a platform that allows you to sell anything.

Digital Delivery

Support for multiple files (Up to 4gb each!) and the ability to select access windows for each order.

Physical Delivery

Set region specific shipping options for products that are physically delivered.

Webhooks In Beta

Chec provides a Webhook API to allow merchants to generate their own unique URLs for each purchase.

Pair them together new

Pair multiple fulfillment types together. i.e. Set a download + set physical shipping options.

License Keys Coming Soon

Generate license keys for your apps, be able to verify them via our APIs.

More being added

We're actively working on more delivery options, have a suggestion? Let's us know!

Sell Anywhere

Link, embed, or integrate.


Link buyers directly to your products checkout with its unique url.


Embed our checkout onto your site, with a single line of code.

Create your own checkout New

Create your own self-hosted checkout using our Commerce.js sdk.

Spaces Coming Soon

Dynamic & beautiful one-page-storefronts for chosen products.

Accept Payments

Start accepting payments instantly with Chec. Accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, & more. Use your own gateway, or process payments with Chec.

Built in payments Updated for 2.0

2 day rolling payouts (7 in some countries). Available in 20 countries.

Third Party Gateways New

Link your Stripe, PayPal, and Paymill. More gateways being added.

Beautiful Merchant Dashboard

Revamped for 2.0 New

Rebuilt from the ground up for 2.0. Faster, cleaner, and much more powerful.

Manage orders, products, and more

Manage everything from our backend. View orders, add products, and more.

Constantly evolving

We're constantly adding new features and functionality to our Merchant Dashboard.

Developers & Designers

With Commerce.js we're building a set of unified APIs that enable developers & designers to seamlessly create beautiful eCommerce experiences on the web. Starting with our Checkout API.

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Full Stack eCommerce

We handle all front & backend ecommerce logic, down to generating live totals to display on your checkout.

Integrate anywhere

Turn any site into a store. Any site, any design, anywhere. Quickly power any website or mobile application.

Craft beautiful experiences

Commerce.js integrates seamlessly into your designs, allowing you to create custom eCommerce experiences.


Simple, clear, and transparent pricing. You're only charged when you make a sale.


Per Transaction

+ Your selected payment gateway fees


Per Transaction

Coming Soon


Per Transaction

Coming soon.